.Methylethy ketone peroxide(MEKP)

Technical date:

Type Appearance Active oxygen content Flash point Application
MEKP-Ⅰ Light yellow transparent liquid 9±0.2% ≥85℃ Normal type
MEKP-Ⅱ Light yellow transparent liquid 10.0±0.2% ≥80℃ Transparent type
MEKP-Ⅲ Light yellow transparent liquid 11.0±0.2% ≥75℃ Fast type

Uses:Initiator for unsaturated polyester resin moulding.Widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic,baoli board,artificial agate,button,polyester furniture,artwork and so on.Use level for reference:0.5%~3.5% or on the clients requirements.

Notes:This product is flammable and detonable.Pour accelerant first and then add MEKP slowly after stir enough to avoid local overheat.Do not mix accelerant with MEKP directly at anytime.

Package:20kgs,5kgs of plastic drum.

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