Our pigment paste can reach the requirement of the ROHS Directive 2002/95/EC,and it's amendment directives.


Technical Date:

1:Appearance:color uniform mash

2:Gel time(Min)25 ℃:3~30

3:Color and luster test :color uniform after sample solidified.

Pigment paste is used in coloration for FRP products.Mix pigment paste with unsaturated resin in terms of certain proportion(generally the raw material ratio is below 10%)to get needed color of FRP pigment paste after reaction.The common color of pigment pastes have phthalocyanine green,phthalocyanine blue,bright red ,medium yellow,sky blue ,grey,flesh color,black and etc and we also can match the color in terms of customer's requirement.

Characteristic:We adopt computer spectroscopic matchine system to match the color of pigment paste that has the characteristic of accurate and uniform color,no color difference of different batches,good tinctorial power and long terms of keeping uniform color.



Uses:The pigment paste can be used in hand lay-up products,spray products,spray products,SMC/BMC moulded products ,pultrusion products,artificial agate products,resin artwork,polyester furniture,resin button and so on.



1:Hand lay-up products:the variety of color can reach the requirement of coloration of FRP products.

2:SMC/BMC moulded and pultrusion products:adopt high performance of pigment to keep the product has the advantage of high temperature resistant and difficult to depigmentation.





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